What to Expect

Every investigation begins with a consultation during which I collect as much information as I can about the history of the site, what sort of experiences my client has had, and why they believe the site may be haunted. I may be able to determine if there is a natural explanation for the alleged haunting. Barring that, I may be able to eliminate certain natural explanations. There is never a charge for a consultation.

If the client decides to procure my services, I will arrange a date to investigate the site. Investigations are best conducted overnight. I will need access to the site, as well as permission to be there. Please keep this in mind for businesses, rental property or sites such as cemeteries.

Some clients like to be with me during the investigation, but others choose not to. When possible, I will bring an assistant.

Typically, I arrive at 6 p.m. I start with a walk-through of the site. Even if I have done a walk-through during the consultation, I like to conduct another on the evening of the investigation. Not only do I want to review where certain phenomena have been observed, but I also want to make sure I am aware of things such as trip hazards.

After the walk-through, I usually take a break for dinner. I return to the site by 9 p.m.

A typical investigation involves scanning for variations in the electromagnetic field (often the indication of a ghost or other paranormal activity), recording audio to be reviewed for possible EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena), taking photos and video with night cameras and thermal cameras, and, in some cases, attempting real-time communication with ghosts or spirits. Detailed notes are taken throughout the investigation. I typically wrap up the investigation by 6 a.m.

After the investigation, all photos, video and audio are reviewed for possible anomalies. I compile a detailed report of my findings and get it back to my client, usually within five business days.

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