About Me

My name is Bruce Carroll, and I am a paranormal investigator. I investigate claims of paranormal activity for research and client assistance. I use both simple and high-tech electronic equipment to detect and document an array of anomalies which may indicate ghosts or other paranormal activities. I investigate both public places and private residences. Based in Burlington, Wisconsin, I investigate sites all over the world. If you know of a site you would like to recommend I investigate, or live in a home which you believe may be haunted, feel free to contact me.

Not long after my grandfather died, I had a dream in which he visited me. It was an intense dream and felt very real, but it could easily be dismissed as a dream.

When I was 13 years old, my mother also died. Two years later, I saw her look into my open bedroom door, smile, and walk away. It did not frighten me, though it certainly aroused my curiosity.

I approach each investigation with an open mind, and always have the utmost respect for my surroundings and my clients. Where possible, I eliminate any natural explanations for observed phenomena. Ultimately I present data and let my clients draw their own conclusions.

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