Detection Equipment

EMF Detector

Electro-Magnetic Field Detectors are used to detect the fluctuation in electromagnetic fields. I use a variety of EMF Detectors, including one made by Unity which uses a combination of seven (7) different EMF meters and triple axis detection, which only measures natural energy (meaning it blocks fluctuations from electrical wiring, cell phones, etc.). Paranormal activity is typically indicated by readings between two (2)  and six (6) milligaus, and my detector is calibrated based on these parameters. It also includes a recording history graph to help with tracking EMF sources.

Unity Ghost Sonar (Ghost Detector)

Uses both EMF and ELF to find anomalies and give an indication of their location in the environment.

MTT Motion Detector
Detects motion automatically, sounds an alarm and records motion history. An effective tool for discovering activity of small animals. May also detect anomalous motion. I have two, for better coverage.

Documentation Equipment

Digital Camera
Both video and still cameras are used.

Digital Audio Recorder

A standard piece of equipment for a paranormal investigator. The recorder is turned on and questions are asked of the spirit. Ghosts sometimes reply. While this reply may be inaudible, it can often be heard upon playback. These responses are know as EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena).

Zenda Night Vision Video Recorder
Records both video and still photos. Includes high fidelity color enhancement (avoiding the green look of other night vision cameras) and a night vision light.

Almalence Night Camera
Captures high quality still images in low light.  Works with less light than the Zenda, although it does not support video recording. Uses multiple exposure fusion and in-camera post-processing to create noise free photos.

Thermal Imaging HD Camera

Features include a three gradient map color scheme and live thermal power amplifier.

Pen and Pencil
And a notepad. Keeping notes during an investigation is crucial to my investigation report. Everything that happens, no matter how seemingly insignificant, and the time at which it happens is carefully documented. Such notes allow me to discover patterns in the data which may indicate paranormal activity.

ITC Equipment

Unity EVP Analyzer

EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena) are unexplained noises, grunts, words, or even simple sentences caught on a recording during an investigation. Usually these phenomena can be heard only on the recording, since they mostly occur at extremely low frequencies (3 to 30 Hz). My EVP Analyzer works in tandem with the Unity EMF Detector (see above) to capture sounds through various FM bands and play them back, allowing conversation with entities in real time. The Analyzer also (as its name implies) analyzes the audio. Any anomalous wavelengths are flagged and the microprocessor selects and displays a word from a built-in dictionary. This can be useful in evaluating a spirit’s intention. The big disadvantage is that the Analyzer will suggest an English word for ANY anomaly (including foreign words and unintelligible sounds) and can only select words from its limited vocabulary of 1906 words. This is why I follow the protocol of making a notation of what the anomaly sounded like.

VBE K2 Ghost Box

I use a variety of so-called "ghost boxes," each of which uses a slightly different method to attempt ITC (Instrumental Transcommunication), but my favorite is the VBE K2. It scans electromagnetic frequencies and offers the opportunity for real-time communication with entities through eight random audio banks. Offers both auto and manual calibration.

White Noise Generator

Creates both video and audio white noise. Spirits are said to be able to manipulate both to either vocalize or reveal an image of themselves.

Enhancement Equipment

Digital Audio Workstation

The DAW allows me to enhance recorded audio, bringing out possible EVP.

Miscellaneous Equipment

Power Station
Many of my devices use built-in rechargeable Nickel-Cadmium batteries. With my Sharper Image six-output power station, I am able to recharge multiple devices quickly as well as simultaneously.

A useful tool for navigating dark places. Some researchers also use a flashlight for ITC (spirit communication).

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