Investigation Protocols

  • Every investigation begins with a consultation. I may be able to determine if there is a natural explanation for the alleged haunting. Barring that, I may be able to eliminate certain natural explanations.
  • There is absolutely no smoking during an investigation.
  • There is absolutely no drinking of alcoholic beverages before or during an investigation.
  • I do not conduct outdoor investigations in adverse weather conditions.
  • I do not take photos from moving vehicles because of the possibility contamination (blurred images, dust, etc).
  • In dusty conditions, I will wait motionless for several minutes, giving the dust a chance to settle, before taking photos. I also note these conditions in my investigation report.
  • All camera lenses are cleaned on the investigation site prior to the investigation.
  • Mirrors, windows, and other reflective surfaces are noted in the investigation report.
  • Anomalous 35mm prints are always compared with negatives for confirmation.
  • When an anomalous picture is captured on a digital camera, several more pictures are taken from the same vantage point in quick succession to rule out natural explanations.
  • There is absolutely no trespassing. I always obtain permission before conducting an investigation on private property.
  • Respect for investigation sites is shown at all times.
  • I will not post investigation results pertaining to private residences unless I am given permission. Sometimes (with permission of the client) I will post results without giving specific information pertaining to location, and fictitious names will be used.
  • Fresh audiotapes are always used for EVP recordings on analog recorders.
  • Silence is maintained during an EVP session, except for the person assigned to asking questions. If someone does make a noise, it is noted so the noise can be identified when reviewing the recording.
  • When using the EVP Analyzer (see Equipment), I always note all anomalous sounds produced by the Analyzer’s real-time audio playback, to be compared with the suggested words from the Analyzer’s built-in dictionary.
  • If a protocol is not followed for any reason (including simple forgetfulness), it is noted in the investigation report.

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